Are you looking for original nicknames for someone named Hazel? Here we will help you! We have a list of the best nicknames for the name Hazel. Fun, funny and original.

  1. Haze
  2. Hazy
  3. Hazie
  4. Haz
  5. Zee
  6. H
  7. Hazey-Boo
  8. Hazel-Bear
  9. Hazel-Pie
  10. Haze-Bug
  11. Zelly
  12. Hazy-Lou
  13. Hazz
  14. Hazelnut
  15. Hazy-Pop
  16. Hazel-Bee
  17. Hazy-Daisy
  18. Haze-Pop
  19. Hazey-Cakes
  20. Hazie-Pie
  21. Hazi
  22. H-Bomb
  23. Hazzle
  24. Haze-Star
  25. Zaz
  26. Haze-Kins
  27. Hazie-Lou
  28. Haz-Bear
  29. Hazel-Dove
  30. Hazzy
Interesting fact

The name Hazel is most commonly used in English-speaking countries, particularly in:

  • United States: Hazel has seen a resurgence in popularity and is frequently found among baby names.
  • United Kingdom: Hazel is also popular and has a long history as a classic name.
  • Canada: The name is well-liked and commonly used.
  • Australia: Hazel is a favored name and often appears in baby name rankings.

Hazel’s appeal in these countries is due to its vintage charm and natural connotations, as it is also the name of a tree and a color.

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